Thank You Everyone for Another Great Karaoke Event!

2024 Video Submissions

The Unforgettable 70’s Music

A Million Dreams
Christine Brown

Forever Autumn

Snow Angel
Renee Rapp

Nicholas Flor
The PongFather & The Phoenixville Table Tennis Club

Dynamite by BTS
Janel and Kim

Sweater Weather
Aaron Weiss

Come Back…Be Here
Aliyah Quill

Irish Wake
Rebecca Finkenauer, Joann McCracken, Julie Gaudan, & Cari Foreman

Fun in Nashville
Carol Russ

Memories in Nashville
Linda Didonato

Bunny Hop Hop Hop
Crescendo Phoenixville First Year Violinists

Reed Gleba

The Rain
Cassandra Player

Fly Me To The Moon
Justin Luigard

Before You Go
Michael Howard

Suddenly Seymour
Madeline Burns and Aleeza Furman

Last Dance
Kimberly Torres

What’s Up?
Jeannie Weiss