iGive HCA PhoenixvilleThe following steps will enable you to shop at iGive.com and help Health Care Access:

  1. After accessing www.iGive.com/HealthCareAccess, please fill in your name, email, and password to “Register Now”.
  2. You will be thanked. On that page, press “Install iGive Button”. When you see the yellow and white bar on your browser, click “Run” to download and install.
  3. This takes you to the iGive Set-up Wizard. Follow steps to “Add shortcut to desktop” and install.
  4. The iGive smicon will appear on the homepage of your desktop.
  5. Double click on the iGive button. You will be asked to “Choose a cause”. Please search for our name or type in “Health Care Access”.
  6. Register your personal information to create your account.
  7. Every time you shop online at an iGive.com store, you will be told what percentage of your purchase will benefit Health Care Access. Click Here for a list of iGive.com online stores.
  8. Please accept our gratitude for taking this opportunity to help us fulfill our mission!